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#008 ~[67] icons

Hi everyone! How are you ? I was preparing this post for a long time and I finally decided to post it. Here we go, enjoy :)
  • ▪ The Sarah Connor Chronicles (Cameron) for a_mused
  • ▪ The Lord of the Rings
  • ▪ Nikita, True Blood, Star Wars
  • ▪ The Avengers, Thor, Loki (no spoilers)
  • ▪ The Vampire Diaries, White Collar

So, this is my first participation in a_mused, and I'm really nervous seeing how my icons turned out xD. But oh well, after struggling with which challenge I was going to choose, I finally took the #2 : Your graphics must be divided by warm & cool colours (either within each icon or within the set as a whole). I love colors so I thought it would be a good way to start. I wanted to take Thor but I finally choose The Sarah Connor Chronicles, because of the nature of Cameron's character. The set actually represents the "human" part of her, and the "robot" part. During all the show, I wondered if Cameron could really feel human emotions. Guess we will never know, unfortunately :/ So! I really feel inspired for this theme, so maybe I will make icons for another challenge with the multi-fandom!

t h E  T w i n s
Challenge #2 
[01-06] warm colours
[07-12] cool colours

A L T S   /   R E J E C T S
R a n d o m s 


Nikita, True Blood, Star Wars

The avengers, thor, loki

the vampire diaries, white collar

▪ credits to aubedelune
▪ don't redistribute, claim as your own, hotlink or edit

Enjoy ♥

Tags: movie : star wars, movie : the avengers, movie : the lord of the rings, movie : thor, tv : nikita, tv : the sarah connor chronicles, tv : the vampire diaries, tv : true blood, tv : white collar

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