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#007 ~[24] icons

Hi everyone! This is my first round in inspired20in20 and wow indeed, I was really inspired ! I did all my icons in one day, I'm usually not so fast, but the next day I couldn't make any xD. I admit that is has been a long time that I haven't used stock and anime images. It was hard not to fall into my old style (from 2008/2009 ugh) and I still don't know what to think about them. When I chose my personal caps, I tried to pick what was special to me, so you have my three favorite movies (LOTR, SW and The Dark Knight), and my two favorite tv shows (Lost and The Vampire Diaries). I find these caps very beautiful and I wanted to make something with them.  So, this is my contribution to the round "Picturesque"! :)
  • ▪ Various fandoms (The Dark Knight, Once Upon a Time, Sherlock, Doctor Who, The Vampire Diaries, Lost, Harry Potter, The Lord of The Rings, Captain America, Black Swan, Smallville, Star Wars.)
  • ▪ Etc. (Stock, Anime)

Provided Caps  

1| Stock: image by justmyb0nes (Rachel Miner)
2| The Dark Knight

3| Once Upon A Time: the word "scenic"
4| Anime
5| ???: the word "black and white"
6| Sherlock
7| Doctor Who: the word "vivid"

8| Stock: image by whimsicalnothing
9| Video Game
10| The Vampire Diaries

Personal caps

11| Lost 
12| Harry Potter: 
the word "magical"
13| Stock: the word "vivid"
14| Captain America
15| Black Swan: the word "majestic"
16| Smallville: the word "pure"
17| Star Wars: image by csebastian

18| The Vampire Diaries: the word "silhouette"
19| The Dark Knight: the word "unique"
20| Lord of the Rings: image by justmyb0nes



▪ credits to aubedelune
▪ don't redistribute, claim as your own, hotlink or edit 

Enjoy ♥

Tags: etc : anime, etc : stock, movie : black swan, movie : captain america, movie : harry potter, movie : star wars, movie : the dark knight, movie : the lord of the rings, tv : doctor who, tv : lost, tv : once upon a time, tv : sherlock, tv : smallville, tv : the vampire diaries

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