Océane (petite_tomate) wrote in aubedelune,

#57 II Icon battle with absolutelybatty

Hello everyone! I haven't forgotten I still owe you a tutorial on how to color animanga, I'll get to it :). For now, I'm absolutely thrilled to present you the results of the battle absolutelybatty and I did! Thank you so much for doing this with me darling ♥. We chose to icon 6 fandoms we have in common, and we inspired ourselves with one of the challenge from 20inspirations. We mixed one fandom with one kind of texture. Without further ado, here's our icons! Don't forget to go to her post too! :D

YU-GI-OH + decorative texture DOCTOR WHO + geometric texture
[01-04] absolutelybatty
[05-08] petite_tomate
PSYCHO PASS + grunge texture FREE! + light texture
[09-12] absolutelybatty
[13-16] petite_tomate
MARVEL + paint texture ARTIST'S CHOICE + stock texture
[17-20] absolutelybatty
[21-24] petite_tomate

Hover for the fandom in artist's choice.

Credit the maker accordingly, thank you!
Don't forget to go over absolutelybatty's post too!
Tags: !icon battle, anime : free!, anime : hibike! euphonium, anime : psycho pass, anime : yu-gi-oh!, movie : thor 2, tv : daredevil, tv : doctor who
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