Captain America

#58 II 35 icons

Hiii everyone! I'm back with my entry for 20inspirations and the7days, and some icons I made for fun (it's been such a long time I haven't made those). I chose my new anime obsession : Hibike! Euphonium to icon, and let me tell you: iconing an anime for a entire round IS SO HAAAARD! I seriously thought I would give up and pick a live action serie. BUT now it's done and I can't even believe I made an b&w icon I like for an anime... It's like a rule for me, I can't icon anime screenshots. To complicate things, I decided to not make any red icons (but I did one *you tried*), and to really concentrate on colors I have trouble to make: green, purple and light pink. And YES there is a close-crop in there, hourraaaa!

- x20 Hibike! Euphonium for 20inspirations
- x4 tv show (Sense8 [3] ; Sherlock BBC [1])
- x3 anime (Yu-gi-oh!)
- x8 movie (The Winter Soldier [1] ; The Grand Budapest Hotel [2] ; Pride and Prejudice [2] ; Madame Bovary [2] ; Star Wars [1])

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agent carter blue

#57 II Icon battle with absolutelybatty

Hello everyone! I haven't forgotten I still owe you a tutorial on how to color animanga, I'll get to it :). For now, I'm absolutely thrilled to present you the results of the battle absolutelybatty and I did! Thank you so much for doing this with me darling ♥. We chose to icon 6 fandoms we have in common, and we inspired ourselves with one of the challenge from 20inspirations. We mixed one fandom with one kind of texture. Without further ado, here's our icons! Don't forget to go to her post too! :D

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tom hiddleston ; red

#55 II Where to find inspiration - Tutorial

Here's the first tutorial requested for Ask the Maker, kindly asked by the lovely nightbulbs :) For all the images in this tutorial, hover for the source/maker.

In the light of recent events, should we call it this way, I think this « guide » (here again a loose term) was much needed. I wanted to write it for my own personal needs first because I have strong opinions on inspiration in the artistic field. But I also wanted to write it for everyone out there who struggles with this, who maybe doesn’t know better, who faces the same problem that I did when I started iconing, the same problem everyone of us faces in art in general I think.

So here we go guys, I’m sharing a little bit of my head with you. I hope you’ll find this insightful, and I really want YOUR opinion on the matter. Maybe we don’t talk about this enough, I feel like inspiration and its opposite, copying, reproducing, is something mysterious and/or taboo. We don’t talk about it but we sure judge it.

[English is not my native language so I apologize in advance if you find any mistakes in this thing!]

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Captain America

#53 || Requests + 25 icons

I KNOW IT'S BEEN FOREVER SINCE I'VE PROMISED I WOULD POST THIS! But heeeeere we are, I'm still as busy as ever (but my school year is almost finished, exams are on my way), but I wanted to post it TODAY. And I did mouahah! So, how have you been guys? :D You'll find in this post the requests I did, I re-made most of them because I really didn't like what I had done earlier this year and i'm still not satisfied with some of them... BUT ANYWAY, here we are! There's also other icons for various things I did at the end of the post. Enjoy!

- 20 icons for requests
- 16 animanga (10 Psycho Pass + 4 Kuroko's Basket + 2 Blue Exorcist)
- 9 Agent Carter

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red, elementary

#52 II Red is Heroic, icon battle with nightbulbs

I'm ALIIIIIIVE! How everyone is doing in this busy busy period of the year? My second semester is killing me, I had nearly done all the requests but then Uni came and destroyed my motivation and inspiration. So you'll need to wait a little more for these ;_;

BUT the lovely nightbulbs and I did a battle about RED ICONS because we both love them so much, so we thought it would be fun to make 10 red icons each with 10 fandoms we love and have in common. To spice things up, we added 10 themes that we could use however we wanted. And I'm very proud to present you our results! I hope we'll have the occasion to do something together again because it was AMAZING and her results are stunning! ♥ Also, thanks to her for coding this and her pretty banner *_* Please don't forget to comment on her post too! :D

- MCU (Agent Carter and Iron Man 3), Disney (The Hunchback of Notre-Dame and Brave), Doctor Who, Elementary, Tom Hiddleston, The Hour, Lost, Sherlock, Star Wars, LotR/The Hobbit)


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tom hiddleston ; red

#50 || Request Post

We've reached 250 watchers, THANK YOU! :D ♥ As promised, I'm opening another request post :)

- 10 places ; for watchers only.
- MAX 2 icons per person (I'll see if I'll have the time to make it 2)
- You can be as precise as you like (colors, compo...), even show examples from my icons, but be aware that the result may not be accurate.
- It will take time so be patient.


#49 || 56 icons + icon progression post

Hello everyone! :) How have you been?? It's been such a long time since I've made an icon post (since i've iconed... actually...) but I was very excited to post this one! It's the results of the animanga and Fate battles hosted by the lovely aeriiths ; and also of the mmcbattle between all communities. The results are here, take a look it's worth it! :D There are some icon that were supposed to be part of an entry for different challenges but never got around to finish >.< Anyway, there is also the traditional icon progression post at the end (even tho it's POOR in icons damn), and as promised, I'm opening a request post. I hope you'll like these, enjoy :D

- 22 animanga (1 Hamatora, 1 Noragami, 2 Kuroshitsuji, 10 Fate/Zero - Fate/Stay Night, 4 Galilei Donna, 1 Suisei No Gargantia, 1 Psycho Pass, 1 FMA, 1 Mawaru Penguindrum)
- 9 TV Shows (5 Doctor Who, 3 Elementary, 1 Pushing Daisies)
- 14 Movies (11 The Winter Soldier, 1 Pride and Prejudice, 2 The Hobbit)

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[Icon Progression 2014]



That's the only entry of 2014, oh dear. That was for the rainbow challenge at 20inspirations. I can't believe I managed to make purple icons that I actually like x'). Anyway, regarding my style weeell IDK what to say, still the same as 2013 I guess? Lots of vibrant colors, same cropping and everything lol. But I really like making that kind of icon so DON'T CAAARE


Inspiration slowly comes back, especially with katy_111's animaga battles and the mmcbattle :) Let's hope I can keep this up! I really want to try more complex stuff in the future!

TOTAL : 138 icons

2013 : 747 icons.
2012 : 605 icons.

As always, I want to take the time to thank everyone, for making the iconing a fun experience, for taking the time to comment on my posts and also to say that I'm sorry I wasn't around much to comment on yours, because i've seen incredible icons this year again and your deserve all the congrats! :D Thank you for inviting me to participate in challenge, in battles, for nominating me and praising me at iconpraise. I hope 2015 is going to be more active on my part, i really hope so! THANK YOU GUYS, YOU ROCK :)