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tom hiddleston ; red

I hope this year will be better than 2014 for each of you, may you succeed in everything you start!

I can't believe I've posted only 1 post in 2014, WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING! Anyway, tradition wants me to make a progression post so I will, as soon as the Fate battle hosted by aeriiths is over and we can reveal our icons made for the mmcbattle. I'm even considering opening requests for this month maybe :)

07 14 14 - #47 || 52 icons
tom hiddleston ; red
Omgg guys, can you believe I didn't post any icon since '13? I hope everyone is doing great! I've been awfully busy with University the whole year, I wasn't even feeling like iconing. It's my summer vacation and I'm busy watching and reading everything I couldn't during my semesters. But THEN I've got a burst of inspiration when I saw the new 20inspirations challenge. RAINBOW!!! I couldn't pass it. It was hard to pick 20 different fandoms, but omg purple and green are such difficult colors to work with?! Anyway, here we go, enjoy some icons :'D

- 20 multifandoms for 20inspirations (Harry Potter / Star Trek / The Sarah Connor Chronicles / True Blood / Star Wars / Pride & Prejudice / Durarara!! / The Dark Knight Rises / Sherlock / Sleepy Hollow / Lost / The Hobbit / Blue Exorcist / Elementary / Free! / Ace Attorney / The Amazing Spider-man / V for Vendetta / The Avengers / Kuroshitsuji)
- 12 animanga (8 Free! / 3 K Project / 1 Mawaru Penguindrum)
- 7 movie (The Winter Soldier)
- 4 tv shows (Elementary, Sherlock BBC, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, White Collar)

tom hiddleston ; red

Hello guuuys, it's been a while :D I wish you all a merry Christmas in advance! I've finally had time to finish the requests, I had started a big part of it before my exams, but I wasn't satisfied with it when I got back so I've re-made a lot of them. I hope you'll like them because it was very fun for me to do :D. The end of the year means an icon progression post which you'll find at the end of this one. Have a wonderful time everyone!

- 16x Movie (6 Loki, 2 Star Trek, 2 Inception, 2 Pacific Rim, 2 Hunger Games, 2 Flame & Citron)
- 4x TV Show (2 Legend of the Seeker, 2 Lost)
- 5x Disney (1 Mulan, 1 Monsters & cie, 1 Kung Fu Panda, 2 Brave)
- 16x Animanga (1 Ao no Exorcist, 1 Free!, 1 Mawaru Penguindrum, 1 Revolutionary Girl Utena, 12 FullMetal Alchemist)

She's waiting for the stars.Collapse )

[Icon progression 2013]


[82 icons]
Beginning of the year, I struggled a lot to get back into iconing again. They are mostly simple, and I think that's when I started my blue period, every icons was blue XD. I was also trying to play with text more, but a lot of them are awful ahah!

[41 icons]
I was trying myself at more complex icons (meaning I try to fill the background ahah) and bolder colors. Still trying to improve a little on text and composition.

[25 icons]
I nearly didn't icon that month, lack of inspiration or busy at school? I don't remember, anyway that's when I started making a lot of red icons, I'm going back to the "I-want-to-work-my-shadows" and I give up on making complex compositions.

[68 icons]
It was the month of the text round at 21inspirations, and it made me progress a lot regarding text. I've really become bolder when adding text, trying every colors and fonts, rotating everything... That's also when I started iconing Elementary, and it really helped me regarding colors. A lot of yellow and red :')

[108 icons]
Losing him was blue like I'd never known, but loving him was red... Oh sorry wrong place. As you can see, that's when I started to make everything red and blue and I couldn't do anything else. I was starting to remove the background a lot and we were going back to simple icons. I was also trying myself a little at monochrome.

[117 icons]
Inspiration is baaack! I was trying a little of everything, tv show, celeb, animation... I'm finally finished with school, so I have more time to icon. I still really like these!

[74 icons]
Another blue period!! I was between two extremes : either I was making very busy icons, or very simple ones. That's also when I've started iconing animanga, and I've learned a lot regarding background, and complementary colors! I can't work with any background anymore, I need to remove everything every single time ;_;

[93 icons]
Damn, this blue period is getting long. I was iconing a lot of animanga, but tried sometimes to go back to Elementary because I really like coloring this show! Text is getting crazy.

[51 icons]
Ooh it seems I remembered there were other colors to work with beside blue! My motivation wasn't high though, colors are less vibrant and I put less thought into it, getting back to school oblige. I was also using a lot of paint textures to fill my backgrounds.

[20 icons]
University is starting to kill me, so I icon a lot less. I was losing inspiration, motivation... I still make simple and vibrant icons with one main color. At this point I'm not trying to improve anything, it just felt good to icon at some point!

[29 icons]
You can't never have too much colors right? right? I should say late November because I didn't icon at all before. I just made icons for the fma battle hosted by dear Kay and it was a lot of fun! I made me want to go back to iconing, unfortunately my exams are coming and I can't afford it ;_;.

[26 icons]
Okay so you can see I've totally given up the idea of making complex icons one day XD. I'm mostly making simple icons with a plain background. I think it's closer to my 2012 style, when I've started making icons, so maybe it's not bad :)

TOTAL : 747 icons.
2012 : 605 icons.

I also want to thank every single one of you who commented on my posts this year, who invited me to participate in activities or communities, who nominated me, who praised me at iconpraise, etc etc. THANK YOU SO MUCH ♥ It is a surprise everytime and more when I'm placed :D Thank you for nominating me at wonderous_stuff, last year I won a 3rd place in the best vibrant icon category, and this year it's a 1st place so WOW THANK YOU *_*

11 10 13 - #45 Request
tom hiddleston ; red
We reached 200 watchers, I'm so overwhelmed by it, thank you guys!! ♥
As always to thank you, I'm opening a request post. I'm busy with studying but I don't want to give up on iconing so I need motivation :')

- 10 places ; for watchers only.
- MAX 2 icons per person (I'll see if I'll have the time to make it 2)
- You can be as precise as you like (colors, compo...), even show examples from my icons, but be aware that the result may not be accurate.
- It will take time so be patient.
TV : Elementary, Legend of the Seeker, Lost, Pushing Daisies, Sherlock BBC, The Hour, The Sarah Connor Chronicles.
FILM : Everything is okay.
ANIMATION/DISNEY : Everything is okay.
(I prefer sticking with my fandoms for this post because of my limited time)

11 08 13 - #44 [41] icons
tom hiddleston ; red
Hi everybody, it's been a while! :') How are you doing? I should be studying right now and instead I'm posting some icons è_é, I already feel guilty about it. ANYWAY. My motivation isn't very high lately, but oh well, today was the day. It's been a while these were sitting in my files, some for missingfaction, lanieveria and other challenges i've never finished.

- Animanga (5 K Project ; 5 Devil Survivor ; 6 Free!)
- Celeb (5 Tom Hiddleston)
- TV Show (6 Elementary ; 5 The Hour)
- Etc (2 Beauty and the Beast ; 1 Zelda ; 5 Okami ; 2 Star Wars)

11 03 13 - #43 ~Promo
tom hiddleston ; red


I'm not dead ahah, just really busy with school and shit irl :) I hope to see you guys soon for a new post!
09 20 13 - #42 [32] icons
tom hiddleston ; red

Hey guys, how are you? I started school again this week and I'm already so so tired about it, my inspiration and motivation just fled away with my energy and good mood... ;_; I hope it will get better soon because I miss making colorful icons hehe! I really really love elements themes and I wanted to participate in both communities, but unfortunately, my muse didn't cooperate, so I just did one set ;_; Anyway, I hope everything is okay with you guys :D

- 20 Spartacus for 20inspirations
- Others (3 Elementary ; 2 Star Wars, ...)

Elementary Star Wars Black Swan

08 28 13 - #41 [65] icons
tom hiddleston ; red
Hey guys, how are you ? :D Here's a wrap up post of the icons submitted at animan and am_rumble which were sooo fun to make, as well as others that I did because I was incredibly bored (yes, my holidays are nearly finished, sadly ;_;). Anyway, I hope you'll like this post as much as I did to make it ♥

- [40] animanga (Free!, Kuroshitsuji, Project K, Mawaru-Penguindrum, Psycho-Pass, Ao No Exorcist)
- [15] disney (The Lion King, Aladdin, Alice In Wonderland)
- [5] Lost
- [4] others (Sherlock, Pushing Daisies)

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