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#24 ~ [29] icons

Hello everyone ! How are you ? I wish you a merry christmas (a little late but oh well) and a Happy New Year, bonne année ! :D So, 2012 is finishing, and this is the last post. I've made a praise post to iconpraise where you can see all the makers that I loved this year. I also want to thank people who took time to comment, to vote, to nominate, to make tutorial, bref, people who support and animate the community of icon making :) We reached 109 watchers and like I said in my previous post, I've made a Request Post. You just have to click on the banner to get to it! And of course, some icons. Enjoy ♥

  • ▪ 10 icons for theiconquest (Legend of Korra, The Hour, The Avengers, Supernatural, Teen Wolf, Once Upon a Time, Stock)

  • ▪ Movies (The Hobbit, The Avengers)

  • ▪ Celeb (Tom Hiddleston)

  • ▪ TV Show (Nikita, Lost, Legend Of The Seeker)

  • ▪ Disney (Hercules, Snow White, The Lion King, The Emperor's New Groove)

The Hobbit ; The Avengers ; Tom Hiddleston x2
Nikita x3 ; Lost ; Legend Of The Seeker

Hercules ; Lion King ; Lilo&Stich x3 ; Snow White x3 ; The Emperor’s New Groove

▪ credits to aubedelune.
▪ don't redistribute, claim as your own, hotlink or edit.
Enjoy ♥

[Okay, let's see how my icon making evolved this year x)]


Even if I've made icons for nearly eight years now, I consider the beginning of 2012 here. It's the creation of this community, my first on LJ. Little knowledge of the new techniques, the trends and the lights. I can't make icon without PSD and I'm blocked with them. [48 icons]


I'm starting to experiment more, especially playing with light textures but also the lights and shadows like for the Niktia icon. [111 icons] (yeah I was REALLY inspired x) )


I'm still so in love with these icons, especially the Star Wars one, I've never recreated a red that deep. It's really the moment when I play with gradients and lights, but also colors. I'm starting to control the way I want the colors to go. These icons where really simple but I really like them. [101 icons]


I want to experiment a little more and I try text (which is really not my strong skill, let's face it). I only use light textures and gradients to color my icons now and I try Disney icons. [98 icons]


I start to look more and more the others to improve myself and to find my style. I try more textures, "daring" compo, and light. Still trying to improve the text but ehhh. My inspiration is starting to decrease during that month. [103 icons]


I suffer from the lack of inspiration and I make few icons. More mutted, pale and natural colors, I pay more attention to the cropping. [30 icons]


Ugh, I adore that month, it's when I made my Hiddleston series and I'm in love with them. I especially experiment with neg space and I improve myself with colors, I don't only use texture lights anymore. [34 icons]


Again my inspiration drops. I made few icons that month. I play with Disney icons which are easy and simple to make, with a lot of colors (and as you guessed, I love colors) [20 icons]


The inspiration is back ! Well... for a shot time. I use a lot of different techniques, and really play with the lights and shadows. I pay more attention to the details. [39 icons]


Not a lot of icons for that month because the inspiration ran away. But just before Christmas, it's back and this time I use a lot more textures. I try to make colorful icons but I want them to look natural and neat. [29 icons]

TOTAL : 605 icons

I also want to thank everyone who nominated my icons at wonderous_stuff it was really a good surprise and even more to win a 3rd place for best vibrant icon ! :')

Tags: !icon progress, celeb : tom hiddleston, disney : hercules, disney : snow white, disney : the emperor's new groove, disney : the lion king, movie : disney, movie : the avengers, movie : the hobbit, tv : lost, tv : nikita
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