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#58 II 35 icons

Hiii everyone! I'm back with my entry for 20inspirations and the7days, and some icons I made for fun (it's been such a long time I haven't made those). I chose my new anime obsession : Hibike! Euphonium to icon, and let me tell you: iconing an anime for a entire round IS SO HAAAARD! I seriously thought I would give up and pick a live action serie. BUT now it's done and I can't even believe I made an b&w icon I like for an anime... It's like a rule for me, I can't icon anime screenshots. To complicate things, I decided to not make any red icons (but I did one *you tried*), and to really concentrate on colors I have trouble to make: green, purple and light pink. And YES there is a close-crop in there, hourraaaa!

- x20 Hibike! Euphonium for 20inspirations
- x4 tv show (Sense8 [3] ; Sherlock BBC [1])
- x3 anime (Yu-gi-oh!)
- x8 movie (The Winter Soldier [1] ; The Grand Budapest Hotel [2] ; Pride and Prejudice [2] ; Madame Bovary [2] ; Star Wars [1])

Hover for the style


Hover for the fandom


▪ credits to aubedelune or petite_tomate.
▪ don't redistribute, claim as your own, hotlink or edit.
Enjoy ♥
Tags: anime : hibike! euphonium, anime : yu-gi-oh!, movie : madame bovary, movie : pride & prejudice, movie : star wars, movie : the grand budapest hotel, movie : the winter soldier, tv : sense8, tv : sherlock bbc
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