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#57 II Icon battle with absolutelybatty

Hello everyone! I haven't forgotten I still owe you a tutorial on how to color animanga, I'll get to it :). For now, I'm absolutely thrilled to present you the results of the battle absolutelybatty and I did! Thank you so much for doing this with me darling ♥. We chose to icon 6 fandoms we have in common, and we inspired ourselves with one of the challenge from 20inspirations. We mixed one fandom with one kind of texture. Without further ado, here's our icons! Don't forget to go to her post too! :D

YU-GI-OH + decorative texture DOCTOR WHO + geometric texture
[01-04] absolutelybatty
[05-08] petite_tomate
PSYCHO PASS + grunge texture FREE! + light texture
[09-12] absolutelybatty
[13-16] petite_tomate
MARVEL + paint texture ARTIST'S CHOICE + stock texture
[17-20] absolutelybatty
[21-24] petite_tomate

Hover for the fandom in artist's choice.

Credit the maker accordingly, thank you!
Don't forget to go over absolutelybatty's post too!
Tags: !icon battle, anime : free!, anime : hibike! euphonium, anime : psycho pass, anime : yu-gi-oh!, movie : thor 2, tv : daredevil, tv : doctor who
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Love these!!
Thank you :)
I hadn't even gotten out of bed this morning before I was grabbing my phone, turning on the wifi, and looking to see if this was up yet SO I COULD SEE THE MAGNIFICENCE OF YOUR YU-GI-OH! ICONS. I AM NOT EVEN CLOSE TO DISAPPOINTED. ON THE CONTRARY, I AM WEEPING WITH JOY AND AWE. LOOK AT THEM. THEY ARE PERFECT. SERIOUSLY. THEY ARE SO GOOD (which I accidentally mistyped as 'god' which also works in this situation, I feel). Love the blue silhouette in the one of Kaiba; it makes the whole thing really pop. And of course all my endless adoration for the second one. As you can see, I have already uploaded it! <33333

But I also love everything else in this post that you've made. There is a reason you are one of my absolute favorite makers ever. And every icon in this post is a testament to why. Seriously, everything is gorgeous!!

Your DW icons are adorable! Especially the first one! I love that little heart decoration! And the red/green combo is super gorgeous as well! And the cyan/red combo in the second one is also very pretty. I like how you included the geometrics in the background, kept them subtle, but still managed to make them a really legitimate part of the icon! I found that so hard with mine. I kept wanting to hide them! XD

And, of course, your PPass icons are always on point. You slay this fandom like no one else, tbh. AND YOUR CUT TEXT IS SO TRUE. Look @ our bby in your first icon! So dashing! So lovely in blue!!! And the magenta text inclusions are super great! And Akane looks so bad ass in the second icon. The negative space in such a daring and saturated magenta really complements her well.

And then there's Free! *long suffering sigh* But I can't deny the pretty! Especially the Haru one! Love love love LOVE the text work in that one! It's so cute! And the light work in Rin's icon is super gorgeous as well!

AND I AM SO GLAD YOU MADE A DAREDEVIL ICON! \o/ I originally tried to do some paint blending as well, but mine did not turn out nearly as well as yours has. I love that you used the purple/black negative space to blend her in and then yellow paint borders to help incorporate him. It's really dynamic and interesting. And your blending in the Thor icon is so incredibly well done as per usual!

And I can TELL how inspired you are by Hibike! because those two icons are creme de la creme, honestly. The coloring, use of stock in the backgrounds, and texture work are all so on point!! I am so overwhelmed by the pretty, I swear. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. As you know, I was already thinking about watching it, but I think your recommendation + all the pretty icons you're making of it has definitely ensured I'll be giving it a chance asap!!

Anyway, bb, these are incredible!! You are such a wonderful maker, and I am so blessed to have done this battle with you. Seriously, everything is so amazing. Thank you so much!!! <333


August 1 2015, 08:25:39 UTC 1 year ago Edited:  August 1 2015, 08:27:41 UTC

omg you're soooo cute ♥ I literally jumped on my sit when I got your mail, I couldn't upload them fast enough to see all of your pretties :'D


GINO IS PERF and nothing else matters lol

I'm so happy you like my Hibike! icons because these are the first I've made for the show so I was nervous to how it was going to turn out! I really hope you'll like it, don't hesitate to watch more than 2, 3 episodes because at first I was no really convinced (I'm quite hard to convince ahah) :')

You're so sweet, I AM SO HONORED to have done this with you ♥ ♥
I'm seriously blown away by both of you. This set is just gorgeous all together, and I cant't barely English about it. It's really really hard to pick up. Both your DW icons are just for keepers. specially love the first, it's colours, composition, everything about it is perfect. #06 is also great, love the colours!

The last 4 are just gorgeous, the text and texture work is great on all of them. BUT HOLY SHIT 21. ITS SO GORGEOUS. LIKE. those yellows, and the composition and i feel like crying because gorgeoous. ♥
Thank you so much ♥ I thought 21 was never gonna happen btw, I've made like, 3 or 4 icons of Daredevil that I scratched, so I was relieved when something came out of it :')
Ahhh goreous as usual! The Yu-Gi-Oh icons are amazing Oce! I love the colouring and composition ♥ And oh my gooossshh the first Daredevil one is so stunning. I love the combination of the yellow and black and holy moly the composition is so stunninggggg.
Thank you soo muuuuch ♥
i'm gonna sit here and cry
Gorgeous! I just adore your coloring and composition skills! 5, 22 and 23 are so pretty <3
I saw your comment on absolutelybatty's post and 21 turned out great and vibrant! ;)
Thank youuu :D